AecopaQ products

Biodegradable, recyclable, compostable food packaging

Consumers are more aware of the negative environmental impact of materials such as plastics, polystyrene and other pollutants.

As better eco responsible alternatives emerge for consumers choices, the entire food industry is trending towards green packaging products.

AecopaQ's Green food packaging

æcopaQ manufactures biodegradable /recyclable/ compostable dishware products with natural fibers produced locally. Besides the tray set line, the company also produces food grade packaging such as, clamshells, bowls, cups where all the mechanical properties are built in.  

Features and benefits

Customers have the opportunity to make an eco-responsible choice at a competitive price.

Since the product is recyclable and compostable, there is little or no change in customer behaviour.

A major contribution to the fight against climate change and a better environment for future generations.